Santiago's Warcraft II Glossary

(Relatively) Often-Used Terms with Strange Meanings

If you try playing Warcraft II (or, for that matter, I), especially on the net, you may run into weird terminology with obscure meanings (and, boy, do I ever mean obscure). Well, look no further! On this page you will find defintions for (some) of the strange things warcrafters talk about (maybe).

Annoying, Unbelievably
adj. What those acknowledgement sounds become after a while.
Butt Cheeks
n. pl. Those big round things in back of an ogre. A subject of endless fascination to many players.
Cheat Code
n. (usu. pl.) Something used only by lamers except for exploratory purposes or under the most extreme of circumstances.
Da Bellz
n. Exorcism, so named 'cause of that cool sound it makes when you use it.
Frustration, Extreme
n. What most players develop when those &%*#$*@!!! peons/ogres/whatever take the wrong route or attack the wrong thing or do something else to screw up your well-crafted plans for victory for the 1024th time.
Holy Hand Grenade
n. Yet another name for exorcism. From Monty Python and the Holy Grail, for the culturally impaired.
n. An evil spirit that makes miserable the lives of all who try to play over the internet.
n. Someone who is terminally lame. Often evinced by the advocation of brain dead strategies or, more commonly, by failure to have discovered that the caps lock key will release if pressed a second time.
Notre Dame
(pronounced "nau-tre-damn", not "no-tree-daim") n. Repeated use of Da Bellz, so named because of what Quasimodo has been known to yell on occasion (though not in the Disney version). Considered to be the reason why death knights are trash when faced with opponents playing human.
adj. The hundreds if not thousands of WCII pages that do nothing but combine bad screenshots of all the troops with terribly written summaries of the information in the manual and stuff ripped straight from Blizzard's site. For a prime example, click here.
v. (obscure) Specifically, a grunt rush, or, more generally, any kind of rush. Possibly from the favored tactic of the player known as Runch, who claims to have gotten his name from a hilarious typo in the posting of some lamer (see). He is also known to yell out "Liek!" at random intervals.
Skepticism, Healthy Dose of
n. Something needed whenever looking through the "advice" and "secrets" given out on
n. A behavior in which players who are so good that no one wants to play with them because they always win play under assumed names, then reveal their true identity and laugh at the other players at the end of the game. So called because the first practitioners of this called themselves Papa Smurf and Smurfette.
Tacostand (or Tacobell)
n. A goblin alchemist (or possibly a gnomish inventor). From the tactic sometimes referred to as Tacostanding: building a "chain" of alchemists, producing sappers like mad, and making "a run for the border" (with the intent of blowing up said border). Possibly related to the expression, "Let's blow this tacostand!"
Wanna-be Smurfer
n. Someone who thinks they are so cool that they have to smurf, does so, and proceeds to get his/her lame ass blown away.

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