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ReBoot is a computer-generated television show produced by Mainframe, Inc. (formerly BLT) of Vancouver, British Columbia. It has previously aired in Canada on YTV and in the US it has been seen on Cartoon Network's Toonami, in syndication through Claster as part of the Power Block set of shows (which also included Beast Wars (known as Beasties in Canada), another CGI show by Mainframe) and on ABC prior to the the Disney takeover. There's a total of 47 half-hour episodes, of which only 24 to 39 (Season 3) are available on DVD.

ReBoot is about the lives of the characters who live in Mainframe, a giant computer. (Think Tron, but really cool-looking with some great characters and writing.) If you haven't seen ReBoot, you really need to. However, I couldn't do a better job of telling you about ReBoot than Joe Smith has done, so please check out his site, as well as some of the other links I have provided.

On a side note, some ReBoot fans verge on the obsessive side, and a good many of the guys who watch the show think that one the main characters, Dot, is not only really attractive, but intelligent and possessing of a great personality to boot (no pun intended). Too bad she's only digital...

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