The Road

by Santiago

I stand astride a winding road
stretching to each horizon.
So much to see, so much to do,
but I must hurry along my way.

We all walk this road together,
yet our paths are not the same.
We cannot remember when we began
and we know not when we shall end.

I know not where I go,
though I know I must tell my fellow travelers
of what I see, of what I do, of what I think--
I must help them to feel what they cannot.

I know that I shall never tire of this journey
for there is always more to enjoy.
There are those who fall by the wayside, jaded.
It saddens me to see they must be blind.

Although the road is beautiful,
everchanging, beckoning, captivating,
The only true solace we have is each other,
laughing, crying, living as one.

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