Now, or Never?

by Santiago

I had a dream the other night,
A strange one, I confess.
As I lay asleep in bed,
I dreamt I lay awake.
She came into my room, only blanket-clad,
She who used to haunt my dreams: my first love.
Saying not a single word, She lay down beside me;
No act did thus consume us,
Each merely watched the other's breath
and felt the other's heart.
Not long after, She stirred,
sheet dropping as She rose,
My hand brushed against her gentle breast,
and she replied in an inviting tone,
"Try again when I'm done having children..."
And as She left, silently as a ghost,
I noticed HIM, lying asleep at the foot of my bed.
I dwelled on it some, then returned to dream-sleep,
but remembered in the morning,
She plans to have no children.
So now the question that haunts me is,
did She mean now or never?

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