Kazhim and the Dragon

by Santiago

Long ago the dragon came,
A mass of claws and fire.
Eth-Arenol was his name,
And gold his sole desire.

He drove his majesty out of the castle,
There to take up residence.
He devoured the king, who raised a hassle,
And lived there ever since.

All fools who tried to best him
Were soon found very dead.
But then a young thief named Kazhim
Swore to bring back the dragon's head.

Kazhim, he had little fear,
For he knew something others did not.
To the dragon he could get quite near
Although its breath was broiling hot.

An old mage had taught him a spell
Which made him disappear.
Since Kazhim knew it very well,
Eth-Arenol need find him by ear.

Kazhim entered the dragon's lair,
A hall the size of a cave.
But the creature's voice boomed through the air,
"Stop, for I smell thee, knave!"

"Ah, but I brought a red herring
To smell up the air.
As to my position you have no bearing!"
"Thief," quoth the dragon, "I do not care!"

"In choosing to bring that fish,
You made a monstrous error.
Roast herring is my favorite dish,
I find no flavor fairer."

Thus saying, the wyrm commenced to send
A blast of searing heat.
Roasting Kazhim and his finny friend
Into a tasty dragon treat.

Taking some wine from a flagon,
He then proceeded to eat.
Said he, "Those who try to fool a dragon
End up as roasted meat."

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