by Santiago

Cool, sweet night air
bright stars on velvet black
calm, tranquil, sleep--illusion
ears perked detect
soft sounds of life around

Sharp scent, upwind, prey
close silently
young, and female
naive face, innocence
life has been too kind--easy hunt

Maneuver, position
copse of trees lends stealth
suddenly--a quick check back
Hold still, maybe only paranoia
No, moves faster now
gleam of fear in her eyes
Respond, change pace, throw caution to the winds
panics, flees
can almost hear her heart
thud-thud, thud-thud, thud-thud
far too fast

Heading for the open
change course
steep-walled canyon, carved by man
hands gripping rough-hewn rock
stops to check pursuit--
fatal hesitation
Sharp, strangled cry,
then silence
Scent of fresh kill flooding the night
Lean down to drink hot blood oozing from torn throat
but, first, must move aside her necklace.

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