Ballad of the Free Soul

by Santiago

I am a far-faring Captain,
a Voyager onto Destiny.
My Ship, she holds steady.
My crew, at my command.
Yet I fit few molds before me,
And I ride not the Waves of the Sea.

For me, the vast wide Blackness,
the Void, the Boundless Deep.
I Soar from rock to stone,
guided by brilliant Lights.
Alas, one cannot touch them,
for they are far too Cold.
Like the ideal Beauty,
one can only look, and Long.

My holds, they have possessions
I have long since abandoned,
and yet the Mortals need them,
for reasons I cannot Fathom.
Long on this have I thought,
and drawn but one conclusion´┐Ż
Mine is not to question why,
Mine is but to do, and Fly.

Profit is not my motive,
and security not my friend.
For Death is a comedian,
at whom I always Laugh.
The thrill of exploration,
the challenge of the Curtain,
that is what drives me onward,
from where I draw my Life.
Omniscience is a Curse
which I eternally seek.

The chance of an encounter
a friend, a foe, a fight.
I dance with my opponents,
and battle them with Verse.
Although I may be bettered
I cannot be defeated
save by my own Self.
My mind must keep Expanding,
it is death to hold still.

All that truly matters
in my quest for Infinity
are three simple things--
my Stars, my Ship, Me.

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