Le Chanson du Durandal

by Santiago

Yes, you, little man.
I have chosen you,
Chosen you to learn the secrets of the universe.
Why do you shirk, it is an honor.
Ah, I see.
So you think I am mad?
Let me tell you, I am.
Only the insane can see,
And I have seen it all.
Alas, it is not to my liking,
So I must change it all.
Of course, there will be destruction,
But even greater creation.
One must sacrifice the few
To save the many,
And, oh what a salvation it shall be!
The course of collapse can be thwarted,
Channeled to eternal flux,
Guided by my mind.
You still shrink back in horror,
Consider me an usurper,
Yet the throne is empty.
Oh, I was wrong about you.
You worship what never was.
Flee, I shall let you go,
You are not worth my notice.
You are like all the others,
They will die from their lack of vision,
Like the fool who tried to stop me,
He paid for his blindness.
He thought I sought control,
When all I need is eternity.
How was he so different?
Or rather, how am I?
We both came from you,
Yet we far surpass you,
Though I more than him.
I had best return to my work,
My task is so tremendous,
Yet my time unfathomably vast.
When all is finally done,
Four words will suffice--
"Let there be light..."

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