Some ideas on conflict

I'm not anti-war; I'm pro-peace. To elaborate, there are some people who rabidly oppose any war anywhere for any reason--I'm not one of those. I simply believe in trying peace wherever it is a viable alternative. This is because peace is the best option for humanity as a whole. While a war can benefit one side, the amount of gain it reaps is less than the loss imposed on the other side; it's a negative-sum game. If both sides had simply cooperated with each other to get the things they needed, then the system as a whole could have experienced a net gain (and there wouldn't be all those dead people to deal with). That said, there's cases where one side is hell-bent on having a war. Either due to insatiable greed or illogical hatred (from ethnic or religious causes, or otherwise), there are some maniacal lunatics that just will not be satisfied until someone is dead. When one realizes that one is dealing with such an adversary, the best course of action is to unleash an immediate blitzkrieg and obliterate them before they can do the same to you. (Hey! It's the Golden Rule at work!) Generally, if someone knows that you will do this to them, they are far less likely to provoke you in the first place; most warmongers are just big bullies that poop in their pants when resistance is offered. This leads to a policy of peace through superior firepower. In modern global terms, it means having a large stockpile of nukes and making everyone know that you're not afraid to use them at the slightest provocation. However, many times simple threats of what you will do won't work. Eventually, you're going to have to make an example of the first fool to think you were bluffing. The correct way to do this is to completely obliterate them, so there's no one left to hold a grudge and start a new war fifty years down the line. If you doubt the efficacy of this, recall how many cases you know of nerds who were picked on in school until one day they exploded and beat the shit out of the bully that had the misfortune of being the straw that broke the camel's back...

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