Babes & Guns

A look at testosterone

A look around will reveal that a fair number of recent computer action games feature as the protagonist not the classic tough, manly guy of yesteryear, but rather disproportionately figured women. (Tomb Raider, a.k.a Boob Raider, is the most well-known of these.) One might ask oneself why? Is it because guys (who make up 95% of the people playing these games) want to oogle busty women on-screen? Not likely as our explanation, for two main reasons: Firstly, the depictions of said characters consist of a bunch of little polygons that wouldn't fool anyone for a second, and secondly, because the player is generally too busy maiming and killing others (for no good reason) to have time to stop and oogle. So, why are all these guys willing to do something as arguably "wussy" as pretend to be a woman when they could be playing as a some kind of hunky he-man character that catered to their ego? I propose the simple fact that aggressive women with big guns are generally a turn-on for most of the male population. (If any of the following seem to be ludicruous sexist generalizations, or even just a bit exaggerated for the sake of clarity, they are. Read my rambling on gender for something more serious.) Everyone knows that males enjoy looking at females. Especially those which display certain physical characteristics. Many of them don't even believe that all good things should be taken in moderation. Additionally, running around and killing things is an inherently "guyish" thing to do. Most guys like to do it, at least in a simulated, legal, and risk-free manner. (Then there's those that go off and hunt little woodland creatures with anti-tank weaponry, but that's another story...) Also, it is generally accepted that guys do not appreciate "girly" activities such as discussing relationships, going shopping, and having emotions. The overall niftyness of women is offset greatly by their behaving like women. So, a woman who exhibits manly behavior, by running around with outlandish weapons committing pointless acts of extreme violence, is by implication much less likely to engage in womanly behavior when not doing so. She's most guys' idea of the perfect woman--she is one, but acts like a guy. (Further evidence of this is to be found in all those jokes revolving about men finding lesbians sexy. Correctly or not, lesbians are perceived as acting like men, even though they're female. Thus, they fit the woman-who-doesn't-act-like-one ideal. Of course, the fact that they're not interested in men sexually sets up the humor potential of the situation, allowing for the creation of a joke.) So, what can we conclude from all this? I really don't know; I'm off to play Oni, whose heroine at least has a realistic set of proportions...

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