Fairy Meat

Prefab Warbands

Here's three ready-to-use warbands for Fairy Meat, all totalling exactly 100 points.

This first one features only four fairies, but they're fairly decent ones and have high-quality armament.

Name Type Armament Magic Disposition
Sputter-nut Hardcore Fairy (27) Crystal Sword (9) Mean
Simple-pimp Seasoned Fairy (17) Ripper (3) Mean
Tinkle-dink Glitter Fairy (11) Black Wand (11) Sweet
Rubber-butt Wild Fairy (14) Brownie Bow (8) Sweet

This second one trades in the arms for cheaper ones in order to get an extra fairy.

Name Type Armament Magic Disposition
Sprinkle-fist Hunter Fairy (23) Gremlin Tooth (3) Sweet
Fickle-lip Seasoned Fairy (17) Sprite Carver (6) Mean
Ripple-dip Glitter Fairy (11) Brownie Bow (8) Sweet
Pimple-drip Wild Fairy (14) Fairy Knife (1) Mean
Slobber-dog Wild Fairy (14) Ripper (3) Sweet

This last one features two heavy-hitting brawlers, with lots of magical backup from three glitter fairies, who should ideally stay out of melee combat. You may want to change the Hardcore to a Hunter, then use the extra points to change the Ripper to another Fairy Shot and upgrade both Press-on Claws to Gremlin Teeth.

Name Type Armament Magic Disposition
Ling-ling Hardcore Fairy (27) Press-On Claws (2) Mean
Lightning-rip Hunter Fairy (23) Press-On Claws (2) Mean
Twinkle-skip Glitter Fairy (11) Fairy Shot (5) Sweet
Evil-kneval Glitter Fairy (11) Ripper (3) Sweet
Moon-glitter Glitter Fairy (11) Fairy Shot (5) Mean

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