Fairy Meat

Capture the Frog

Here's another fun little scenario you can play with your fairies:

Each side gets a force of some pre-agreed total between 80 and 100 points. In addition, each side gets a frog and a lilypad. For each team, designate a 6-inch diameter circle as its lilypad. Lilypads should be about four feet apart. Frogs are special units somewhat similar to thralls. They have no kill or live points, but may not attack or be attacked, so it doesn't really matter. Frogs start out in the center of their teams' lilypads, and may not be normally moved by the owning player. Another player's fairy that is adjacent to the frog may choose to mount it instead of attacking that turn. To do this, have the player draw an attack as if that fairy were wrestling, and have the frog draw one defense card, representing its general resistance to doing anything unnecessary. On any successful hit, that fairy has now mounted the frog; on a failure nothing happens. On a joker, the mounting fairy fails, and takes one point of damage in the process as it gets squished by the unruly frog. Once a fairy has mounted a frog, it may move itself and the frog as if it had Bounding 8 instead of the fairy's movement. If your team's frog reaches another team's lilypad, you are out of the game. Fairies on frogback gain one extra defense card versus non-missle attacks. Successfully engaging a fairy on frogback in wrestling knocks her off the frog. Fairies currently wrestling must escape before attempting to mount a frog. If your frog is outside your lilypad, your fairies may mount it, but it must move directly towards your lilypad, and your fairy must dismount once it is inside the lilypad. Last team left, either due to frog capture or wholesale slaughter, wins the match.

As a variant, you can try some method of moving the frogs randomly if they are riderless and outside their lilypad.

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