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Possibly the strangest game you'll ever play

Icehouse is weird little game played with various colors and sizes of pyramid-shaped pieces, but no board. There's no turns either, you just play when you feel like it. It was invented by Andrew Looney, founder of Looney Labs and designer of several award-winning games. Icehouse was out-of-print for years, but a new plastic edition has been out since September 1999. The complete rules are available on-line, as well as more info, his other games, cute little cartoons with pyramid-shaped characters, and general weirdness.

The pictures below are of my own set, which I made by hand. They're cast from plaster of Paris poured into foil-lined posterboard molds, then sanded smooth and hand-painted in acrylics. Although it has nothing to do with gameplay, no two of my pieces have the same design to their detailing. The name I gave to each of the color schemes is listed below the photograph.

Red with black

Blue with silver

Green with gold

Light and dark purple

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