Santiago's PowerBook G4 Cobalt Mockup

A few stolen JPEGs & PhotoShop...

All the Mac rumors sites (as of Spring 2001) are abuzz with mentions of color-anodized titanium being a choice with the next revision of Apple's incredible PowerBook G4, probably due out at MacWorld New York in July. Blue is almost always indicated as one of the choices they would offer if they did this. (Blue and raw titatinium would complement nicely the Aqua/Indigo and Graphite theme that some of Apple's products sport of late.) I wondered just what this would look like, so I took some images from Apple's product information site, applied a selective color layer in PhotoShop, and here are the results. (All photo illustrations are unauthorized modifications of images that are � Apple, and should not be taken as in way created by, endorsed by, or representative of Apple and its future plans.)

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