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Introducing iServe.
Power to the People.

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Designed to bring the cutting-edge capabilities of Mac OS X Server to the masses, these compact servers offer minimal cost, generous storage capacity, high-bandwidth I/O and remote management tools that make them a snap to deploy and maintain.

PowerPC Processors You wanted purpose-built server hardware that could harness the tremendous underlying capabilities of Mac OS X Server software without stretching your budget. That’s why iServe features an ultra-efficient high-speed PowerPC G3 processor, generous amounts of storage, remote management tools, and the ability to boot up and run without a monitor.

1.75" equals 1U You wanted a slim, light-weight design that would fit anywhere. That was easy; we had so much room left over we went ahead and added in the battery from our award-winning iBook computers to provide a built-in 5 hours of battery back-up in case of a power failure, so you don't need a separate uninterruptible power supply.

80GB You wanted lots of space for storing the files your workgroup needs, your website, and more. Accordingly, iServe packs up to 80 GB of storage in its inch-thin case, and lets you access it over a fast Ultra ATA/133 internal bus.

AirPort Extreme While we were at it, we decided to make iServe AirPort Extreme-ready, allowing you to leverage your investment in a server to provide your workgroup with high-speed 802.11g 54 MBps wireless network coverage that's backwards compatible with the widely-deployed industry-standard 802.11b wireless networking that Apple pioneered with the original AirPort.

Server Manager And finally, you wanted next-generation monitoring and management tools that let you keep your finger on the pulse of your network. Remotely, if necessary. iServe delivers all this and more, all at rock-bottom prices.

Now imagine combining all that power and storage capacity with Apple’s legendary ease of use, putting it in a case smaller than our smallest notebook computer, and then offering for under a thousand dollars. That, in a nutshell, is the unbeatable iServe value proposition.

No comparison
With a 1GHz PowerPC G3, up to 1GB DDR SDRAM, Gigabit Ethernet, FireWire, USB and an Ultra ATA/133 drive bus, Apple’s best-in-class server appliance blows away anything in its price category, and many products costing thousands more.

Mac OS X Server UNIX based Mac OS X Server, the industrial-strength server operating system
iServe comes with Mac OS X Server, the cutting-edge, UNIX-based server operating system that gives you such coveted features as protected memory, preemptive multitasking, symmetric multiprocessing, advanced memory management and the latest in networking technologies. At the core of Mac OS X Server is the industrial-strength open source foundation called Darwin. Based on the Mach 3.0 microkernel and BSD UNIX, Darwin is the rock-solid foundation that gives Mac OS X Server its remarkable performance and stability.

Out of the box support for Mac, Windows, UNIX and Linux clients
Mac, Windows, UNIX and Linux clients It doesn’t matter whether you have Mac, Windows, UNIX or Linux clients — or a combination thereof — on your network. Mac OS X Server provides cross-platform support for native file sharing, as well as Apache web server and WebDAV server, POP and IMAP mail, ftp, QuickTime Streaming Server, DNS and DHCP — right out-of-the-box. Windows, UNIX and Linux are not treated any differently, and will enjoy benefits that Mac users take for granted.*

Server Manager Remote hardware monitoring
iServe also features Server Monitor, a remote monitoring application that lets you administer your servers — on a machine-by-machine basis, or hundreds of machines at a time — with an intuitive, easy-to-use Aqua interface. You can gauge everything from system temperature, battery level, hard drive health and Ethernet status to the condition of your power supply. Red, yellow and green lights provide a quick visual summary of hardware health, and a tabbed window interface gives you one-click access to the details of each hardware subsystem.

No per-user “taxes”
Unlimited Clients iServe lets you eliminate the most galling expense in your department’s budget: the per-user “tax” you’ve been obliged to pay for using server software. iServe can be upgraded with an unlimited-client license for the UNIX-based, industrial-strength Mac OS X Server, so you can serve thousands of additional users without spending thousands of additional dollars in licensing fees.**

Easy-to-access ports for expansion
In back of each iServe you'll find dual FireWire and USB ports nestled between the blazingly-fast Gigabit Ethernet port and the Video Out Port which lets you connect a display unit for those times you need to access your server directly. With these expansion ports, you can add on extra storage or inexpensive printers to share with your entire network.


* NetBoot, Macintosh Manager 2 and AFP home directories are Macintosh client specific.
** iServe includes a 10-Client license for Mac OS X. Unlimited-Client licenses can be purchased as an upgrade. The 10-Client limit applies to AppleShare services; basic UNIX services such as web and mail servers support unlimited clients.
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Learn more about iServe
Server Solutions
iServe is ideal for file and print, desktop management, web, and mail services, or even streaming media. Learn more about applications and recommended configurations.

More Info
Want more information about Apple’s server products and services? Ask a representative to contact you.

Apple Server Is Impressive
“The iServe definitely stands out in the crowd of stand-alone, low-cost server offerings,” writes Henry Baltazar in eWeek. “Its blend of functionality, usability and cost (when you factor in the lack of user license fees, which make NetWare and Windows systems less appealing) is unparalleled.”
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Open 24 Hours
24/7 AppleCare
When your operation hinges on server reliability, you can’t afford downtime. To ensure rapid issue resolution for iServe systems, Apple offers a comprehensive range of service and support options. And since both iServe and Mac OS X Server come from Apple, you don’t need to spend hours on the phone with finger-pointing third-party manufacturers to figure out where a problem lies: AppleCare service and support products are as integrated as Apple’s hardware and software. One call can truly do it all.

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