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I've done a lot of design work; I've been maintaining my web site for over two years, I was design editor on a yearbook once, I've done product mock-ups, and lots of work on interfaces and layouts. Through all this, I've picked up a bunch of ideas on what works and what doesn't, and on things others do that really piss me off. In this area, I'll share some of my experiences, ideas, and graphics for others to look at, and learn how to do (or not do ;) things.

Now, you may be wondering what my "Fire & Steel" badge refers to. I believe that if you're going to do something, do it right. I'm also a firm believer in simplicity; people have a tendency to create big, gawdy, clunky graphics when simple, streamlined ones generally work much better. I also have a tendency to avoid farming out work; I prefer to do everything myself, simply because I don't trust most others to do a competent job. On projects, I tend to demand an absolute degree of control. That's why I roll all my own HTML by hand rather than rely on a WYSIWYG editor, because, in my not-so-humble opinion, none of the ones out there (in my price range, at least) cut it yet. Quite a few are not particularly easier to use than raw HTML, and most don't yield as good results. Many are also a generation or two behind the features available on the web, or prevent you from doing perfectly legit things that I like. While I've been raised on GUIs since day one, and despise command-lines, I still prefer getting down-and-dirty when working on things. (To show how masochistic I am, I actually like programming in assembly, and do so of my free will at times.) Back during the days of the Roman empire, to give a commander a Writ of Ignie Ferroque, or Fire & Steel, was to authorize him to use any means necessary to drive out a population, the sword and burning being the primary weapons available at the time. So, to say that this site was forged with Fire & Steel is to proclaim that I'm no-compromises hardass when it comes to creating pages. If you'd like to add this declaration to your site, click here.

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