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Put the meat back in the can

Do you hate junk e-mail? (If not, what's wrong with you?) Did you know that when you put your e-mail address on your web page, you're advertising it to hundreds of spammers that have programs which sift through search engines sniffing out e-mail addresses to deluge with Make Money Fast scams, ads for Porn Sites, worthless "investment tips", and other forms of kipple? But, if you don't put your address on your pages, how can your users contact you? The solution is to use a simple little JavaScript. Most of the sniffer robots just look at the raw HTML that makes up your page; they don't have the time to run all the JavaScript, Java, and other stuff there to see if there's anything yummy in there. The following little script, when inserted into your page, will generate a clickable link to your e-mail address:

<script type="text/javascript"> 

var account="user"; 
var server=""; 

document.write("<a href=" + "mail" + "to:" + account + "@" + server + ">" + account + "@" + server + "</a>") 
an e-mail address which cannot be read unless you enable JavaScript

Just replace user with your account name and with your mail server. For instance, if your e-mail address is, then you'd change it to read:

var account="bob"; 
var server=""; 

The part inside the <noscript> tag is what a user will see if their browser doesn't have JavaScript or if they've disabled it; you can change this as well without breaking the script.

I didn't invent this; I found it somewhere else, but I've made some modifications to it. Feel free to use it on your page, and good luck foiling the spammers!

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