The Dread Pirate Roberts Action Figure

As you wish...

My fiancee loves The Princess Bride, so for Christmas last year I custom made her a Dread Pirate Roberts action figure. This is from the back of the package I designed.

It's made from 12" G.I. Joe figure (a Vietnam war machine gunner of some sort). I used acrylic glue to attach the hair and mustache to Joe's bald head. A stitch remover took the cargo pockets off his pants, and india ink changed them from camouflage to black. The soles, toes, and heels of the boots are Joe's, but I cut the tops off and replaced them with knee-high ones made out of genuine leather. They have a separate tongue and actual thread laces that keep them tied on. The belt is leather with a buckle made out of a paper clip after some pliers got through with it. The sword blade is balsa wood and the grip is Sculpey (oven-curable polymer clay), all painted silver. The shirt and hooded mask are sewn. These figures are not for sale.

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