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A Sampling of my Portfolio

From this page, you can see photographs of many of my artworks. (I used to have up partial scans of a few of these. Unfortunately, the scanner I was using back then only took 8 1/2" x 14" scans, so I couldn't use my big 2 x 3 footers without going to substantial effort by taking multiple scans and then stitching them together on my computer. I had to choose smaller works, and still crop them some. The downside to these new pictures is that they're not quite as sharp and the colors came out less vivid. Also, some of them were slightly warped due to perspective introduced by the camera axis not being perfectly perpendicular to the painting, but I corrected that via a simple Matlab program I wrote.)

Most of the works here are done in a mix of medium and high viscosity acrylic paints on cold press board, though there's also some pastel works and quite a few pieces done with an airbursh. In any case, I hope you enjoy them, but please don't steal copies of them.

Stylized portraits of women

The One / Allure

Yuen-Wyo / Uncertainty

Sally / Contemplation

Dot / Regret

1920 / Indifference

The Queen / Mystery

Jogging / Readiness

Reclining on an Airline Cushion / Inauthentic

Glasses / Confidence

Katie / Aloofness

Red / Scrutiny

Beast / Amusement

Rydia / Absorption

Animals & Faces



White Tiger





Navajo Wedding


The Mirror Crack'd

Airbursh & Miscellanea

Demon Eyes

Chung Kuo

Sea Claw

Galaxy Study

Space Jar

Alien Cubeship

Commemorative Apple Stamp


Desert Sunset

Artistic License

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